move and play every way. 


Interested? Why wouldn’t you be?


Our mission is to provide the best launchpad for your child to skyrocket.

we teach your child in line with our values to achieve mission success. 

Play with Purpose

Everything we do, has a purpose. Play invigorates ideas, creativity and innovative thinking. Learning through play allows for safe risk taking so your child can explore the endless possibilities of their physical, emotional and social self.

Play to Grow

Everything we do helps your child to grow. Through educational gymnastics, we are invested in your child's physical, emotional and social growth. 

Play Safe

Everything we do, we do safely. Our Movement Educators assess risks constantly to provide your child with the safest environment, and we teach your child to assess risks, in gymnastics and in life.



Summer and gymnastics have a lot in common.

Cartwheels, laughs, handstands, friends, free spirits and endless possibilities - whether it's on the beach or in the gym. We've combined educational gymnastics fundamentals with playground philosophies (where you hang out all summer long) to create what we believe is the launchpad for you to skyrocket. 

You already know that we are passionate about gymnastics, but head across to our  'About - Gymnastics,' page to see the benefits for yourself and be inspired.

It's those summer feels all year around at SUMMERSALT, where you can move and play every way.


“Gymnastics is to sport what the alphabet is to reading.”

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